Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When your blog prompt is completely lame, it's okay to desert the expected for something way better.

I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life this weekend.  My friend Christa (one of the six best friends, and one who might as well be a sister - I can honestly say she and I have been friends longer than I've been friends with my actual sisters...) had a baby, and invited me to be her official photographer at the hospital.  She ended up having a C-section, and I didn't document that part, but I got to be at the hosoital with her family the entire time, and capture so many sweet moments that I will never forget.

She's given me permission to post a few photos here, so I'm actually delivering on the promise I made y'all the other day!

Join me and Madeline's family in welcoming her to this wide world:

 photo 046eeacd-edac-44d6-9f5f-e3324fa72855_zpsmt2giydb.jpg
Little cousins meeting for the first time is the cutest thing!

 photo 93573e9a-da3f-4d58-9041-ecf8892af2b2_zpswl0wdmud.jpg
I promise everybody also loved on her, but this moment, with everybody pulling out their phones hit my funny bone, and I just had to capture it.

Oh my word, watching my friends become parents has been so incredible.  The way they looked at her is something just as new as she is - it's a fierce, deep, protective love I can only assume you never feel until a tiny human suddenly belongs to you, and depends on you for their every need.

 photo a55297f7-197e-4cd3-94ff-94d53bc27968_zpsxnhhsaqm.jpg

I really didn't want to leave at the end of the day when the nurse finally told us we couldn't come back into the room.  Something about being in the presence of such a new person just slows down time and makes life seem utterly peaceful.

 photo 5176a330-b5a0-46c4-a198-cf3bd67a37cc_zpsvxrwhvjl.jpg

 photo 6f842662-7916-4ff2-9552-fb42d94d28cc_zpsml1m07r7.jpg

I went to a friend's house afterward, and just sat there in a chair, processing and soaking up all the little left-over bits of the day.

I went back to the hospital to document the morning they were released, and when I walked in, it was the same calm - just Mom, Dad, and Baby, together in a quiet, dim room - and I almost hated to disturb them, but they told me to hold her (didn't have to twist my arm for that) and before I knew it, an hour had passed of us just sitting there, soaking up her delicious new-born-ness.

 photo e6f697a6-3f5f-4877-8fdf-42cb870d3bc5_zpsge7jnsub.jpg

When Christa's mom walked in, I had to hand her over, but I didn't do it til then...
Seriously, would you just look at these happy people!

 photo e5717900-55d2-4cab-b7f9-57bfe6b1ed68_zps7sgsxzr2.jpg

 photo c2bdf9e8-b123-4bb9-be42-08fb455cf2cf_zps0e0h3igb.jpg

Okay, okay.  In case you're dying of curiosity, my prompt was "a fruit you don't like."
Y'all, I cannot come up with a fruit I don't like.

I'm at a loss, because I just really love fruit.
Maybe more often than not with a little sugar alongside it...
That's all I have to say about that.

But I really am kind of wondering if there is a fruit I don't like?  Anyone who actually knows me want to weigh in and remind me if there is one?

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  1. You are kind of picky about apples ... You don't like granny smiths or red delicious, right?


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