Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yes. A lot of that-just-happeneds just happened.

Today I

left some very important documents at home, specifically two nine-page essays.  I discovered I'd left them at 11:15 and they needed to be completely critiqued by 2:00.  They were not critiqued at all.  I live a good thirty minutes from the school.  I also had no idea where my car was parked because my sister had parked it this morning.

wandered all around the parking garage looking for said car, but apparently I looked like I knew where I was going because one person rolled down his window as I walked past and asked very politely if he could steal my parking space.  I said "Well, I can't even find my car, so . . ." He looked at me like I was slightly insane and drove away, so I'd say that went well.

discovered that I had, in fact, left even my car keys at home, so I couldn't drive home.  Fortunately my Dad was in town and drove me home.  I got the essays critiqued in time, but completely forgot my car keys for the second time when he brought me back into town.

decided to actually get down to business when my laptop began flashing a red light and warning me of it's impending demise, only to discover that I had left my charger at home.  Yes, for anyone counting, that's three things I left at home in one day.  Pretty bad, even for continually-forgetful me.

went to the library computer lab to waste time waiting for my sister to join me and decided to blog since I didn't have any of the files I needed to work on.  Logged into my blog to start writing this post, only to discover that I had actually logged into another blog which is actually a friend's class project and definitely did not need to have this post on it.

So, yeah.  I'd say it's been one of those days.  And now I am just taking a break from anything that could be considered productivity.  This end-of-the-college-career/trying-to-graduate business is difficult.
Thank goodness Kae is coming to visit this weekend and give me another excuse to avoid productivity!