Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Regarding the Laundry Hamper

Sister1 explains to Sister2 the allocations for a new 3-compartment laundry hamper.

Sister1:  The middle is delicates.  The right side is lights, which shouldn't be hard to remember since light rhymes with right.  The left side is darks.  You can think of it this way - left is the opposite of right.  Wrong is also the opposite of right.  Wrong can be referred to as the dark side, so you should be able to remember that fairly easily.

Sister2:  Thanks, Barney Fife.

I truly pity you if you cannot understand what is so outrageously funny about this.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I've been rather absent lately.  My apologies.
I haven't pulled my camera out lately either.  I've been too busy with things like this:


Buying my cap and gown!  I'm actually graduating!
I have absolutely no explanation for the face in that picture.
Oh, and also finishing a 50-something page thesis. (Still not finished, but let's not talk about it right now.)

Hahaha.  I'm punny.  The name of my thesis (Are you ready for this?) is Let's Not Talk About It. And, I solemnly promise, putting that in my parenthesis was totally unintentional.  Can you tell what's foremost on my mind right now?

But, on to the point of this post.
Thanksgiving/this entire month has not been easy for my family this year and that is all I will say about that.
However, to remind myself, and you, that there is beauty in difficult circumstances, I present you with a good ol' Favorite Day list of things I am thankful for today:

Friends who love me and daily show me new and wonderful ways to love God and people
The drive to do quiet times.  I haven't had it in a while, but it's coming back.  Praise the Lord!
A job I will absolutely love already waiting for me as soon as I graduate.  If working in Career Services has
     taught me one thing, it's that getting a job as soon as you graduate is a rare treasure indeed.  Glory to God!
Calling this place home


I've never really gotten into the whole let's-be-super-thankful-on-Thanksgiving-Day thing.  I just really feel like it's important to be thankful every day. Although I never really say it, I hope that's what this blog expresses more than anything - that there are things every day, no matter what else is going on - to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Weekend's Letter was "P"

Yes, everyone Please Politely ignore the fact that I'm starting out this weekend with a Post about last weekend.

Last weekend started out with Pasta and my beautiful bestie Kae (two of my favorites).

Then, after that, we went shopping at Maurice's. Well, really I only went in to Pay a bill, but once you go into a store, you can't leave without a little browsing. (Or is that just me?)  Whilst browsing, we discovered one of Kae's latest obsessions: Puffy things!  We found all sorts of Poufy tulle and lace bows, but my eventual Purchase (You didn't think I could actually get out of there without buying anything, did you?) was a filigree barrette, so lovely and delicate I couldn't resist, in the shape of one of my latest obsessions: Peacocks (actually, Peacocks may or may not be a very old and continuous obsession). Oh, right. I also bought some Pink bangles.


Kae had come into town to take my Senior Pictures, so Saturday was full of Picture-taking.
Our Poses were somewhat influenced, Perhaps, by Kae's love for Puffy things:


But I'd say we did a Pretty good job of varying things.



At one Point, we went into Starbucks on campus to take some Pictures in my favorite Purple velour chair.  They had been open earlier in the day since it was Homecoming and they had just closed up their registers, but they still had a full vat of coffee, so they hollered at us, "Anybody want a free cup of coffee?"
Of course Kae and I (both avid coffee-drinkers) jumped on that offer, so we both got a venti (I think it was a venti) cup of something delicious for free.  I wish I'd thought to ask what it was because I usually don't like Plain Starbucks coffe, but that one was scrumptious.  And?  The lady wrote "Have a good day" on our little holder things:


Which, by the way, was Perfect, because Starbucks is where I come every day to take a break from work where I always say "Have a good day" to People as they leave.  (You should never start a sentence with "Which" by the way.)  Also?  In this Picture I'm looking at the building where I work and if I am, in reality, on a break from work, this is exactly where you'll find me.

Sisters came along and took Pictures of Kae taking Pictures of me:


No, we don't hate each other, though it looks like it in these Pictures.
This is how we normally are:




Some funny faces happened


And some serious faces happened too.  That last face was a bad time.  For about two minutes I had no clue where my ring was.  That was a scary time because we had been SO many Places and nobody was quite sure when they had seen it last.  But don't worry.  We found it in Kae's car where I had Purposefully taken it off earlier.

Of course after a full day of work, all the Photographer and the model both wanted to do was relax, so the evening (for Kae and I) was a wonderful composite of Pajamas, Photoshop, and a very comfy queen size mattress.  This was when I noticed what a Plethora of things we were experiencing that began with a P.

And on Monday?  It continued!  I got to work and had to Pull up the yellow brick road . . . Pause.  Maybe I'd better explain this.  It was Homecoming (and Halloween and the weekend Kae and I decided to take the Pictures - great timing on my Part, I know) and the theme was "There's No Place like Home."
The campus had an office decorating competition, and, in our office, we laid down a yellow brick road made of - you guessed it - Packing Tape and Poster-board.

So, the big P's.  Too distracting? or were they entertaining?