Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and a Birthday

Photos for your viewing pleasure:

When your little sister's birthday falls on Easter and she asks you to take a sister photoshoot, what can you do?

Okay, just for fun, let's compare that picture to Easter 2007:

Gotta love Texas . . .

Look how grown up she is now.  Crazy!

Okay, aside from the hair-in-the-wind beard/mustache, I really like that one.

And then the wind picked up.

Love that last one . . . It's like Cousin It.

I definitely prefer being behind the camera to being in front of the lens.

I was so frustrated because I couldn't get my camera to focus on this little red berry, even with manual focus.  (I'm still in the learning phase.) But this still looks cool focused on the green leaf.

Then we found this ripe berry!

And baby proceeded to eat it.

Almost as good as birthday cake.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Critiquer

Yep, that's what I am.  I just recently realized that I critique things all day.  ALL DAY!

At Career Services, I critique resumes.

In between classes I critique my classmates' creative works because that's what we do.  We workshop.

I am one of the poetry editors for my school's literary journal (okay, so maybe that's not critiquing, but I decide if things are worth putting in or not).

At the Writing Center, I critique papers.

I am a critiquing machine.
Okay.  That's all I really had to say.
But isn't it a little weird that I do the same basic thing all day in several different capacities?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Executive Decisions

I hate making them.
I don't know if this is a product of my raisin' or what.  I don't feel like I was raised to doubt myself.  But somehow I did end up with practically an inability to make a decision about anything.  This may partly be a self-defense mechanism.  I've never been known for my wonderful common sense . . .

*Even more of a side-note:  It's always been one of my greatest fears that my one-day children will inherit my complete lack of common sense.  That would be bad for the world.*

Okay, back to what I was saying before.  I absolutely hate making decisions about anything.  I will always ask for other people's opinions before making a decision.  Provided there are other people around, that is.

You can imagine how I felt about being the only lifeguard at camp last weekend.  Yep.  This little non-decision-maker watched over a pool which had anywhere from two to probably 60something people in it at any given moment.
At one point, I told one particular young gentleman that he couldn't have a tube in the shallow end, that all the tubes had to be in the lazy river even though he was one of the two people in the shallow end at the time.  Actually, it probably went a little more like I didn't know that he was about to be using the tube and I asked him if he could please toss it over into the lazy river for me and he said "What? we're not allowed to have tubes in the shallow end?"  I looked at him sadly and shook my head and immediately began pondering why "we're not allowed to have tubes in the shallow end."  It's a rule from the summer that I was just blindly following even though there really wasn't any justification for applying it at that particular point.
So, I made a quick decision that I would only enforce rules that were directly related to actually keeping the patrons safe.  (Yeah, things like the always-beloved "Walk, please!")
Immediately after I'd made that decision and was feeling foolishly proud of myself for having made a decision of my own, the self-same young gentleman and his chronies took up the ever-popular and forbidden-in-the-summer game of throw-the-football-from-the-shallow-end-to-your-friend-on-the-diving-board.  I watched them for two seconds and decided that it was okay because there were no small children around in danger of getting hit in the back of the head by the football.
THEN, the young gentleman noticed me watching them and said to me "What?  You're gonna tell me that I can do this, but I can't have a tube in the shallow end?"

I just can't win with this decision-making business, can I?

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Confession

BackGround Info:  For years (possibly forever, in fact), I've claimed to dislike gold.  Almost all of my jewelry has been silver and I felt kind of sad about even wearing necklaces with thin gold chains.  In my senior year of high school I discovered white gold and got excited about it, so I had to narrow my claim to not liking yellow gold.
My "class ring" for high school was not traditional.  My parents told me to pick out any kind of ring I liked and they would buy it for me.  I chose a pretty fairy-ish ring with a white gold band and a flower made of diamonds with an emerald center.  The only thing that clouded my joy about this choice was the fact that there was a tiny yellow gold twist underneath the flower (presumably the vine the flower grew on).  It took me several weeks after I got it to wear this ring for the first time, all because of that gold vine.
I know, I know.  I am slightly too obsessive about things sometimes, but I just really didn't like it.

When it came time for me to get my college ring, I knew I was going to get a traditional ring since I hadn't gotten one in high school.  I'd also decided, way back when I got my high school ring, that I wanted a silver or white gold college ring.  Of course.
However, when it came down to the actual moment of buying the ring, I caved at the advice of a friend and bought yellow gold for really only one reason: it looks more professional.  This is a very logical reason, but I have no clue why, after years and years of defiance against yellow gold, I made one of the biggest purchases I've ever made in yellow gold.

So now, we come to today.  I've been wearing my ring every day I possibly could since I bought it.  No weeks waiting to wear this one because I feel truly proud of the accomplishment it represents (after all, I've persevered through this thing called secondary education for almost five and a half years) . . . and because I spent so much money on the ridiculous thing!
Today I happened to glance down at my right hand in the golden midmorning light and I suddenly realized something.  Yellow gold actually looks really good with my skin tone.  And even more shocking:
Yellow gold is beautiful.
Did you catch that?  I like yellow gold.

Confession:  I've been lying all these years.
I'm sorry to have deceived you all for so long.

Little tid-bit of information:  "Golden" has always been one of my favorite words.  It's just taken me a long time to discover that I actually love what it's derived from as well.