Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sister Time

What?  You didn't know "out for the weekend" meant you wouldn't hear from me for the next nine days?

My time with the sisters was fantastic.  There were a few hiccups in the morning and we got to Austin later than we had intended.  (I may or may not been a little over-dramatic about things.  Sorry sisters.)  But once we got to Austin, we had a simply beautiful day:

12:15 - Watched The Secret World of Arrietty (based on the book The Borrowers) and really enjoyed it.  For me, the best thing about this movie was that, even though Baby and I are nearly ten years apart, we had both read this book and could enjoy the movie equally and comment on it as peers.  So we all thoroughly enjoyed our little splurge.  Oh, why was it a splurge, you ask?  Because we went to the Alamo Drafthouse, which was awesome.  Since we had eaten breakfast not too long ago, we got milkshakes, of course, and had a blast even though we missed the first fifteen minutes of the movie.

Somewhere around 3:00ish - Went to the mall and ate "lunch" in the food court.  There's just something so good about a greasy piece of mall-food-court-pizza every once in a while.

3:30ish - Just walked around and around the mall talking and laughing

Finally, at about 6:00 - Did a little shopping

8:30 - Ate more unhealthy food.  Fresh pretzels + dinner = happiness

9:00ish - Headed home

Late into the night - Played a full game of Phase 10 with the co-workers

It was beyond lovely to have a day of completely disregarding time.


  1. Aww it was a really fun day! But now I miss you again :(

  2. I like that on the "day of completely disregarding time" you timed every event in the blog post ;) miss you! Get better! And, tell Abigail how to do those photo collage things cuz I couldn't remember :)


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