Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The other day, little Hannah came up to me while I was cleaning up a Sunny-D spill and asked if I could make her some pretend doctor tools.  Rather than stop wiping up the sticky Sunny-D which was still running all over everything, I just said "Hmmm.  I'll have to do some research on that one."

Hannah promptly turned to her little friend Nick (who was standing right next to us) and said "Okay.  She said she'll do some research on it."  In a tone that said "We've definitely made some progress toward getting those doctor tools."
"Do you know what that means, Nick?"
"It means she's going to look it up on some websites."
*long pause*
"Do you know what that means, Nick?"

I would dearly love to know what "looking it up on some websites" means to her, but Nick apparently wasn't that interested and they moved on to something other than Doctor.

Looks like maybe I'll have to choose my words more carefully when I'm a mommy.

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