Saturday, August 4, 2012

Didn't I tell you I'd be back?

Well, here I am.

It's strange how something I've always really loved doing is hard after I've gotten out of the habit of it.
I'm not just talking about blogging.  This is about writing in general.  I haven't written any poems or essays lately either.  I've had countless ideas for blog posts or essays or poems, but I always told myself I didn't have the time to devote to actually writing them.
You know, people always tell you that you'll never have more time to do the things you love than you have right now.  I'm beginning to think they're right.
I probably should have just gone ahead and written.  It's hard now, sitting here staring at this old familiar box to think of anything to type into it.  I have a lot of pictures, just of pretty things that touched me this summer, but I don't have a lot of words right now.  Pictures will come in a huge photo-dump soon.

For now, know that the summer is almost over - we only have one more round of camp and then it's back to Retreat Season.  I'm in the process of moving into the retreat office here at camp to settle into my more permanent job.  People around here tell me I'm not going to get a break for a whole year - I was working on the Summer Camp side of things in the spring and summer (busiest times for Summer Camp) and now I am transitioning over to the Retreat side of things for the Fall which is the busiest retreat time.
But you know what?  I'm okay with that.  And not only that, I am happy.  There is no joy in life like that of knowing you're where God wants you to be.  I love my job working here, even if I don't really know what my new job entails yet.
Also?  I'm finally moving into a little apartment of my own.  I've been a nomad for the past 8 months and I cannot begin to tell you the satisfaction I feel at knowing that, in exactly one week, I'll be sleeping in my own little place.  Granted I'll still be a nomad because I'll only have it until next April, but I'm determined to make it a home and enjoy it while I have it.

Pictures to come as soon as I've moved in and gotten settled . . . And don't expect me around here again until then.

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  1. I'm definitely with you on the writing stuff there. It takes some series effort to get going again.
    Even going through pictures is something you have to get into a habit of! Of course, having several hundred from a single event and still wanting to edit doesn't help.


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