Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I Love Kids

I was laying here on my bed balancing my checkbook against my bank statement, and one of the littles who stays in my house frequently sat next to me for a little while and observed what I was doing.  She watched me from all angles, dramatically craning her neck around to get an exact image in her head of what I was doing, then left.
About five minutes later she came back with a piece of paper that had scribbles of various sizes, and the exact notations I use on my bank statement.
She showed it to me and said, "See, Esther. You gave me the idea."
Then, when she ran out of space to write anymore on that paper she went to get a new one with the words "I need to go get another bank account."
And she sat concentrating solely on that bank account for much longer than I concentrated on mine.

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