Monday, July 11, 2011

Could This Day Get Any Weirder?

I just commented on somebody's blog and the little word verification thingie was literally jujywar, as in Jujyfruits, but not.

Earlier today I was at the dentist's office and literally broke down and started crying because I felt like I can't afford to get my wisdom teeth out right now.
Really Esther?  Yes.  Really.
The thing is, I don't cry in front of people unless they're super special to me.  I'm really very comfortable with my dentist.  I don't have the dentist fear that everyone else seems to be plagued with.  But comfortable enough to cry in front of him?  As in ugly sobs, tears and mascara mingling kind of crying.
Yeah.  It was really weird.

Then, after my dentist appointment, I went to McDonald's to run through the drive-thru for a quick lunch.  And these two boys in their trucks decided it was a good idea to have a let's-see-who-can-rev-their-engine-the-loudest contest right there in the drive-thru.  One in front of me and one behind.  I couldn't hear the person in the drive-thru who was taking my order and she certainly couldn't hear me.
Now, I'm fine with people revving their engines in a normal going-down-the-street kind of environment, although it really doesn't impress me much.  But doing it in the drive-thru is just inconsiderate.
My blood sugar was already low and I was on-edge emotionally (per the last paragraph), so I might or might not have said into the drive-thru speaker (okay, maybe yelled) "I'm sorry, can you hear me?  Because there are some people out here being VERY rude and EXTREMELY loud!"
And those kids could definitely hear me because my outburst was in a moment when both of them were paused, but they just kept it up.  They did this literally for three minutes. And I was stuck in the drive-thru.  Couldn't get out because they were on either side of me and neither one of them was going to move until they established a winner for their little contest.
People these days are ridiculous.

Then I went to Walmart.  This is the point where you should gasp in feigned shock.
How could anything weird happen at Walmart?
I got everything I needed and made it to the checkout line with no mishaps.  Then, there was this VERY strange old man in line behind me who was acting like he'd known me all his life.  At first I thought, well, he's probably harmless.  I'll just chat with him.  Then he brushed my butt with his hand, clearly on purpose.
That is not what I call harmless.
At this juncture, I conveniently noticed that I'd lost my wallet.
It was convenient because it got me away from Creepy Old Man, but it was rather disturbing, because I truly had no idea where it was.
The first place I thought to look was in my car, and before you get really concerned, don't worry.  It was there, safe and sound.
But I almost wasn't safe and sound.
As I was walking to my car, I noticed one of those crazy evangelists standing in the parking lot yelling things like "America is going to Hell!" VERY loudly.  I was slightly distracted by him, as was the lady who nearly backed over me while making her way out of her parking spot.  It was really a close call.
Scared me.
Scared her too.
Then Evangelist Man jumped in a truck, and picked up none other than Creepy Old Man at the front of Walmart.
I am not lying to you.

It has been a weird day.  But I am recovering in my happy place and have even started to laugh at almost everything that happened so far. Oh Texas, I would have stayed in Georgia if I'd known the kind of hospitality you'd show me when I got back.
Speaking of which, don't worry, you will still get a run-through of the trip complete with photos.  I'm currently working on figuring out how to make photos show up bigger on my blog.

Be Happy Everyone!


  1. oh my WORD!!! NO BUENO TEXAS!!
    OK, so apparently you SHOULD have stayed in GA-because we miss you and NOTHING like that ever happens here...hehe

    P.S. Don't worry about your wisdom teeth...I'm 27 and I JUST got mine out ( as you know) and life is still going strong ;-)

  2. Haha. Thanks Abigail!
    The hygienist actually leaned over to me as soon as the dentist left the room and said "Don't worry. My wisdom teeth are exactly like yours, and I've never had them out."

  3. Oh Esther! You poor dear! I miss and love you friend. I'm sorry your day was so strange! try to stay away from creepy old men k? :P


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