Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Questions

Why is it that running errands makes me feel ridiculously grown up?
I mean, I practically am grown up (although I discovered the other day that I can't rent a car) but really, I feel like even when I'm forty-five, I'll feel incredibly grown up when I have to "run to the grocery store" or "swing by the post office."
Actually, will there even be post offices when I'm forty-five?  I sure hope so.

Is anyone else obsessed with the numbers on their odometer?



Oh you're not?  Well, you have to admit that it was pretty cool that I caught both of these.
Or am I the only one excited about this?

Okay.  That's all.  Just some ramblings for you.

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  1. Um, my husband is obsessed with them, and though quite honestly I think it's a bit on the funny side, I'm much happier with that than if you were both "perfectly normal" (whatever that means!) and am content to love both of you in your respective ways very much.

    p.s but on *my* funny side, I TOTALLY feel the same way about running errands - so old and accomplished am I when I do all the family grocery shopping! ;)


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