Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes Medicine is a Good Thing

Let me start this off by just saying that I hardly ever take medicine.  I just don't relish the idea of putting something foreign like that into my body.  I don't even generally like foods that aren't in their "whole" form.  (That doesn't mean I don't eat "unwholesome" foods by any means.)
But medicine is where I really draw the line.  If the name has to be simplified so that I can pronounce it and it's a snowy white pill with blue writing on it or (heaven forbid) a pink or orange liquid, you can pretty much forget me ingesting it.
However, there are times when you just need medicine.  Yesterday was one of those times.  I forgot my glasses and had to spend two hours at work without them until someone could bring them from home.  I have astigmatism and I work in front of a computer all day.  If I don't have my glasses, I am miserable.  I could perform all my tasks, I just had to strain and squint my eyes the whole time.  By the time 5:00 rolled around, even though I'd spent the last several hours with my glasses on my face where they belonged, I had the biggest eye-strain headache ever.
So, at dinner, I finally broke down and took two pain killers at once.  The entire dosage.  Something I never do.  I knew I had a presentation today that I was not at all prepared for, so there was not going to be a good chance to sleep off the pain.
And, you know what?  They worked.
That medicine worked and I prepared the presentation and got through it!  And now today is almost over and it's downhill to the weekend from here.  Now, I know I can't lay all those good things at the feet of the pain medicine, but I know for a fact that the presentation wouldn't have gone as well as it did if I'd had a headache while preparing for it.
So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something unusual for me and look how it turned out.
I should do this more often.
Ahem, not take pain medicine more often.  I'm still not at all convinced it's good for me.
But it doesn't hurt to do something out of the ordinary every once in a while I guess.

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  1. Ahem . . . "by eny means"
    "I have astigmatism and I work in front of a cumputer all day" Are you sure those pain killers didn't do more harm than good? ;) eny? cumputer? And, not sure about the specifics with this one, but can you say I have astigmatism? Or would you say I have an astigmatism? Just teasing you, love you! ~Sarah


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