Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's the Latest

I bought a camera!  A real camera!  A Nikon D3000!
It's actually the camera that I used at camp last year.
(In case you're not aware, I was a media intern at Camp Tejas for the last two summers, which is a fancy way of saying I took as many pictures of kids and campy things as I could every day.)
Anyway, this camera was brand new last summer and I was really the only one who used it, so the guy that I talked to about it was like "Well, it's really like it's your camera already."  So true!
And now I sort of regret not cleaning it better at the end of every day . . .
But when you're standing in the mud taking pictures like this

all the time, it's hard to stay motivated to keep your camera clean.
But it's really in very good condition and I'm super excited about it!
And just because I like pictures (and am a little vain about some of mine) and can't think of anything else to say, here's a sample of what might be showing up on my blog more often when I actually get this camera in my hands:

The only sad thing is that I won't have it in time for our trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, another thing I'm super excited about.  Oh well, you can't have everything.

I feel like I'm getting pretty close right now, though.

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