Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Love This Day!

I drink Dunkin Donuts coffee.  (I didn't know what smooth coffee was until I discovered it.  Seriously.
     Move over Starbucks.)
I drive past a lovely house that has been writing a poem in my head for a few days now.
I can't find a space in the parking garage, so I go to the Kroger parking lot, park in a random spot and chat
     with Kae for 20 minutes.  Lovely and soooo refreshing!
I pump gas and revel in the crazy wind that chills me slightly even in 70 degree weather.
Did you notice that?  It's sunny with a high of 75 around here.
I drive through the garage and still can't find a spot . . . But the radio is playing AWESOME music for me.
I go to the park and swing for a while.  (Have I mentioned how much I love swings?  After my first car
     accident, all I wanted to do, and exactly what I did, was go to the park and swing til the tears stopped.)
     While I'm swinging, I observe three generations of a hispanic family interacting.  So sweet!
     Una Abuela, una Mama, y tres hijos . . . Listening to their little chatter is a great spanish review, but
     eventually I become concerned that one of the many toddlers playing around me (the hispanic family are
     by no means the only ones playing today) might run under my swing; I'm swinging much too high to stop
     in time if one of them does.  I slow down - let the cat die, as my Aunt Kandace used to say (What a
     horrible phrase!) - and head back to my car.
Back in my car, I put on the rest of my make up - I'd started in line for the gas pump earlier.
I marvel at the pretty swirl of shimmery granules that rise in a dervish when I open my eye shadow and
     another poem comes to me.

I've got six hours of work ahead of me with a quick bagel at 5.  (Potato Bagel with Cream Cheese from Einstein Bros. = my new favorite.)  But right now I'm listening to "Say Hey (I Love You)" and loving life.  Ahead:  Phone dates with two besties.  One tonight and one tomorrow.  Oh, and a day at home tomorrow with absolutely nothing going on.  It's shaping up to be a marvellous last weekend of this detox, which, by the way, did not turn out as I expected, but possibly even better.
The Lord has taught me much about myself in this month.  Not all of it pretty, but all of it necessary.  I never realized how legalistic I can be sometimes . . .

And, to close out this post,  I received an award from Abigail!  Thanks!

Here is how it works:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 8 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know about the award.
Step one complete.  On to step two - seven things about me!

1.  Every time I see a girl with perfect curls, I stare at her (for probably too long) and try to calculate if I could possibly get my hair to do the same.  I just love curls!

2.  I don't use the term best friend liberally.  I just have a lot of best friends.  Three nearby and three distant.  They don't all know each other either, which is kind of weird.

3.  I love the sunshine.  I seriously could not live somewhere like Alaska where you have to go without it for long periods of time.  It's an addiction.

4.  All I want to be, ultimately, is a wife and mother.  I don't think I'll ever give up writing or photography, but I'll be fine if I never get published.  It's not what I live for.

5.  Music is just about on the level with sunshine for me.  And in case you're wondering, no.  Rap, screamo, heavy metal, and hard rock don't count for me.  Give me guitars, pianos and voices.

6.  I'm a secret ham.  I love performing.  I still look back longingly on my ballet and show choir days.  Give me a pretty dress and an empty stage and I will sing and dance my heart out.

7.  I want a big big dog one day.  Like English Mastiff big.  But I know that's a big dream, so I'd settle for a Great Pyrenes, an Irish Setter, or even a Whippet (cute little things).  Can you tell I intend to never live without a dog?

And, step three.  I'm not really sure what it means to choose "eight recently discovered great bloggers", but I only follow about eight blogs anyway, so here they are:
5. Allie

Okay, so that's five.  All I've got . . .
Happy almost weeked everyone!

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  1. Nice post, Esther! On a side note...are you going to follow my blog?! LOL - no pressure! Glad you're having a great week... :o)


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