Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh the Things a Beautiful Sky Can Do

This weekend was wonderful.  Just the time I needed with old and new friends - people with whom I am almost more "myself" than I am in my normal everyday life.  However, despite the fact that the reunion was marvellous, the moments that were the greatest were on the ride over to camp.

From the time I left the house, the sky was full of literally every kind of cloud - stratus, cumulous, cirrus, nimbus - you name it, it was there.  There was such a conglomeration that, even though it was only 2:30ish, the horizon was already taking on a purple hue.  Since I was wending my way entirely west anyway, I actually got to watch the entire sunset from beginning to end!

Let me just say that I am very glad I was travelling on not-too-busy roads because my eyes were glued to the sky.  Okay, I was watching the road enough to not run off of it, but I was definitely enthralled by the process of the sun sinking below the horizon.

There were definitely dificult things about the reunion I was trying to emotionally prepare myself for and that slow sunset was exactly what I needed.  It was just like God was whispering to me over and over saying "I love you and that is all that matters right now."  In fact, there was one point where I just had this crazy urge to sing "Oh How He Loves Us", so I did.  I pulled out my cd with good old John Mark McMillan which has an enormous scratch on it, but still plays that one song and put it in my player, turned it up as high as it would go without blowing out my speaker, and sang at the top of my lungs.  Then came Francesca Batistelli.  There was some serious worship time going on in Esther's car on friday afternoon, let me tell you. 

It was just the beauty I needed.

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