Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Needed This Break

So, for a while now I've been feeling like I'm devoid of creativity.  I've gotten ideas for stories and poems, poems mostly (which is a good thing since that's what my thesis is in), but I haven't been able to actually get anything down on the page.  Don't worry, ideas are duly noted and will be completed one day.
But, despite the lack of creativity in my usual venues, I've found it in different paper and pens.

My plan is to cover most of the wall around my bed with these.  I'm pretty excited about it.
Also lately I've been spending more time just relaxing in the house with lots of hot coacoa and tea, so there's been a lot of normal mundane everyday things to make life happy, but I won't list those.  I'll just show you a couple of highlights from my break.

Item #1: A clean bathroom counter.

This is really an accomplishment worth noting in our household.  AND we've kept it this way for a week now.  Also a spectacular event.

Item #2: Knitting a Christmas Present.  I know, it's late, but it'll be done in time for me to see the future owner for the first time since Christmas.

Item #3: Shopping
for delicious "fat quarters" for Grandma's sewing room

and for the greatest ever bachelorette party/girls' night in.  So excited about it!

So, not my normal everyday activities, but good stuff nonetheless.  Headed to the Tejas Reunion tomorrow.  That will definitely be lovely.
Hope everyone had a marvellous holiday!

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