Monday, January 4, 2016

Small Changes

I'm tired of making promises I don't keep - not promises I can't keep, just promises I choose not to keep after a while, for whatever silly reason I choose.

I've never been one to make New Year's Resolutions (and I'm still not), but I do frequently shout forth giant plans and promises for my future, and then utterly fail at following through.

I'm the queen of not following through.

I've actually been feeling pretty discouraged about that lately - I guess that's part of the process of acknowledging that this is a part of who I am that still needs a lot of refining.

In order to cheer myself up a little bit, I decided that, instead of resolutions, I'm going to start doing a little review of various small things I set out to do, and actually accomplished, at the end of each year.
Uh-oh.  Did I just make a resolution by accident?

So, without further ado, 2015 in review:

  1. I committed to a 30-day green smoothie challenge, and completed it (and I'm in the middle of another one right now...)
  2. I committed to a 21-day cleanse, and completed it (and I'm starting another one in February)
  3. I told Baby Sister I would knit her a hat, and I did (even if it did take me 4 months...)
  4. In the last 4 months, I journaled more than twice the amount I did earlier in the year
  5. I made a decision to pick myself up when I fail, and keep going, instead of just brushing my failures completely under a rug off in a corner somewhere, and I've tried to incorporate that principle in my life
  6. I made a decision to use up all the makeup I have before buying more, and I've stuck with it
  7. I dedicated my bedroom as a technology-free zone, and, while I haven't stuck with it 100%, I'm pretty convinced it's a good idea, and I'm still chipping away at my bad habit of browsing social media at all hours of the night - now I'm just reading books at all hours of the night...

That's a pretty good little list - here's to more small accomplishments in 2016

Also, can I just say, some strange girl has taken over my body today:

  • She only snoozed her alarm once
  • She actually went to the gym
  • She came back home and did a small home improvement project (Project New Year - New Bedroom coming soon to a blog near you hopefully)
  • She got to work on time
  • She came home and wrote a blog post

Who is this person?
If this is what happens when you decide not to make resolutions, put me on this boat for the rest of my life.

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