Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five for Friday #3

This has been quite the week.

1. On Saturday, I made my way home to Nacogdoches for good.  Yep, I moved again.  Is anybody really surprised by this?
I haven't move my furniture yet, but most of the rest of my things were crammed into my poor little car, which kept freaking out about my passenger (which happened to be a big box of kitchen gadgets) was not buckled in. The. Whole. Way. There.

At least I know it won't ever give up reminding people to buckle up?

2. As many of you know, Sunday was the Super Bowl. Being a member of a family with all Ballerina daughters (one of us tried organized sports for a year or two, then decided it wasn't her thing), we don't get particularly excited about watching professional sports on TV.  My dad isn't even into that, although he has been known to watch Tennis for hours on end...

High school football, on the other hand? Yeah, we are Texans after all.

Anyway, once upon a time, many Super Bowls ago, all of us girls (not even knowing what Super Bowl Sunday was, much less that it was that very day) asked Dad to rent Mary Poppins from Blockbuster for us.  Being the wonderful father that he is, he went right up there and got it for us.
The college guy at the counter took one look at the movie in the case and one look at my bearded Scotch-Irish father, and initiated this conversation:

College Guy:  You do know this is Mary Poppins, right?
Dad: Yes.
College Guy:  You do know the Super Bowl is today, right?
Dad: Yes.
College Guy: Blank Stare..........
Dad:  My daughters wanted to watch Mary Poppins.
College Guy (with the best intentions, I'm sure):  Do you want to come over to my house?
Dad:  No.  I want to watch Mary Poppins with my girls.

And thus began one of my favorite family traditions:  Our Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Party, which just happens to coincide with everyone else's Super Bowl Parties.

3. I found this yesterday and could not stop laughing all day.

4. Last night I went to a house concert of Jason Harrod.  I really wish I'd thought to document this in some way, but I was so enjoying myself that I didn't even pull out my camera.  I realized later that I might should have invited some old Nac friends along, but there was something so wonderful about just sitting in the third row on my own.  It was so lovely to just sit and watch and listen to a truly talented man who actually supports himself through his art.

5.  Also last night, I started the "Oil Cleansing Method" for washing my face.  I won't even post a link here, because if you just google it, you will find lots of results.  I researched it for an embarrassingly long amount of time.  The summary of what I found out is this:
Supposedly (though I don't remember it), in High School Chemistry, we all learned that "like dissolves like," therefore, oil dissolves oil, so you should be able to wash your face clean with oil.  There are some oils you don't want to use, and it sounds like it takes some experimenting to get just the right blend for your skin.

I'm interested to see how this turns out.  Maybe there will be a blog post about it soon?

On another note, I've been missing real pictures around here, and I am happy to report to you that they will be returning very soon!
I'm hoping my successful 8-posts-in-January accomplishment is an indication that this blog will have a little more life in it this coming year.

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  1. Dude, I totally wash my face with oil! (or, er, I did until I got super negligent and also misplaced my oils) Turns out my mom is now way more faithful about it than I after I introduced it to her. We've used a caster oil/olive oil combo, but I kindof wanna try with coconut oil sometime. Whatever you use, make sure you give yourself a little time to just stand and rub your lovely face for a while, I'm always amazed at how many little particles emerge from my face after I've been hanging out oil rubbing it for a while. And then when you finally steam it all off... ahhh..
    Ok, so obviously I'm a fan, but seriously if something as cheap and simple as this could really help our skin, why aren't we all doing it?!


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