Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday #2

Well, I think it's been plenty long enough since my last one of these...  Almost a whole year?  Really Esther?

Well, in the interest, of getting back with the program, here are my five happies from this week:

1. On top of the already wonderful fact that I got Sarah to myself for the whole drive home (we always have the best talks on those drives) we got the most fantastic sunset to chase for quite a while.

2. The picture itself may not be a happy - why, friends, WHY can I not ever strike a match successfully the first time?  But, the happy thing is that I've been burning candles constantly to combat the gloomy clouds outside, and my apartment smells heavenly as a result.

3.  I've found my go-to snack for the no-processed-sugar year.

4. I went out on a limb and made my first sketch since probably high school.  I like words more than pictures, and probably always will, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to flesh out your words with a picture or two.

5.  I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of Austin, and I pretty much could not be happier with this lovely end to a wonderful week.

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