Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What My Daddy Does

First of all, let's just establish the fact that I have always been proud of the fact that my dad is a "sign-man".  He builds and installs signs for a living.  There are very few other people who can drive throughout their hometown (as well as their whole general region of the state, as well as the area around said general region, as well as . . .) and say "Oh, by the way, my dad made that, and that, and that."
Not that I do this much.
Anyway, today, we're gonna take a look at what my daddy does every day.  Although really we're just looking at the on-the-road aspect, not the behind-the-scenes-actual-building-the-signs part.

He loads up the trailer early in the morning with his own handiwork

Then he drills a hole or two.

Then he kicks around a little dirt . . . sometimes with company.  (Does it not look like they're dancing?)

Does some trimming. (He's got an eye for detail, he does.)

And gets ready to put the sign in the ground.

But as much as I am proud of my Dad for the things he accomplishes "on the job", what I really love him for is the way he always takes the time to teach his girls new things.

Then steps back

to let us figure it out


Thanks daddy for never making me take out the trash or mow the lawn :-P
For whole-heartedly embracing this new photography obsession of mine
For being ever-patient with my lack of potato-peeling/vegetable-chopping/any-kind-of-cooking skills, but still always trying to teach me new ones
For telling me I'm beautiful when I need to hear it
For teaching me how to love others by serving.

I love you Daddy!

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