Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Inspired by Christine.  If you don't get what I'm doing, see my post and hers.

One day, you'll know all of this - Dad teases me all the time about the list of things he'll warn you about, so I figured I'd get the drop on him (Is that the right way to say that? It doesn't sound right.) and tell you first...

I thrive on sunshine - heaven help you if you have to live with me when I haven't had enough
I like apple peels and bread crusts better than actual apples or bread
I am compelled to leave things the way I found them (When I say things, I mean everything.  This can be a real problem sometimes.)
It takes me forever to hang anything - pictures, curtains, shelves - it has to be absolutely perfectly planned out before I'm ready to poke holes in the wall
I love washing dishes - doing the dishes can cheer me up from the worst mood
I can't finish a story to save my life - I interrupt myself too much
Sometimes (but rarely - I could count the times so far on one hand) I go into hysterics, as in, don't know whether I'm laughing or crying, or why I'm doing it in the first place
I make chocolate chip cookies when I'm stressed
I'm a classically trained ballerina - 4 years of happy-go-lucky lessons and then 6 years of the intense kind - but still such a klutz
Storms paralyze me and make me restless at the same time
I'm not very good at making jokes.  Rephrase that.  I can't make jokes.  But it's pretty easy for me to make people laugh when I'm not trying to be funny
I can't sleep without a heavy blanket on my bed, no matter how warm I am
I love all of my senses, and, as I'm a photographer, you'd think sight would be the one I couldn't live without, but no.  It's hearing.  I literally have nightmares about losing my hearing.
I love Reese's and used to say I'd love anyone who gave me one, but then I decided I say love too much
If you can carry on an intelligent conversation about words or language with me, we are going to be friends
Boredom doesn't exist.  If you tell me you're bored, I will question our friendship
When I grow up, I want to dress like June Cleaver
I don't have a favorite color, or food, or animal, but you can be sure that I will call whatever I love most at the moment my favorite
I want to be a cook like my Dad - the kind who never use recipes and make delicious things from their own imagination - instead, I'm hopelessly bound to instructions
I love to sleep, but cannot get myself into bed  before 11 pm no matter how hard I try
I am always late.  Always.


  1. Haha! The part about storms reminds me of that time we were at Nana's when that storm/tornado warning came through. "SHUT UP, AND GO HANG ON TO THE TOILET!!"

  2. Hahahahaha! Wow. I definitely just cracked up at that memory. Oh Nana. How I love her!

  3. How about pianists that can play anything without depending on written music? Those folks amaze me in the same way the recipeless cooks do.
    I'm with you on getting enough sleep! Oh wait, look at the time...


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